Marlies ter Borg

Marlies ter Borg is a Dutch philosopher and bridge builder. She made a groundbreaking comparison between Bible and Quran, showing both books to have much in common. She was born in Indonesia on Christmas Eve 1948, when her country, the Netherlands was at war with the Indonesion liberation movement. She started her career as a polomologist or peace researcher, building bridges to Sovet military experts during the Cold War. When the Soviet forces pulled back from all parts of the world, she built family homes for homeless Russian military families. As the focus moved to new tensions, between Muslims and the West she placed Bible and Qur'an stories side by side, amazed at their similarity. She also tried to bridge the gap between persons suffering from bipolar disorder or manic depression and the society stigmatizing them. She was stunned to see how many great poets and philosophers throughout the ages had expressed and studied 'bipolar melancholy', pointing to the positive side of this mood disorder.
Marlies lives in a house inspired by the Walden tradition. She loves gardening. Life is like a garden, letting it grow with gentle guidance. Let the unexpected happen, cut back the annoying.